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You can easily pass the theory exam for your B, A or AM English driving license with our complete, pass in 1 time, lesson portal. TheorieHalen.nl offers a full English preparation learning portal for passing your car, motorcycle or moped theory exam.


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Would you like to prepare yourself for your theory exam at the CBR? And are you 100% motivated?
The portal acces of TheorieHalen.nl is suitable for you!

The portal access pass in 1 time contains all the information you need to end your theory exam successfully. All chapters and exams are always up-to-date and meet the requirements of the CBR. The practice material includes informative text, illustrations, videos, and study questions to assist you.

The online learning portal contains CBR exam topics, which are divided into chapters. Close every chapter with an interim test, so you make use of the power of repeteting and recognition. Did you go through everything? Good job! Finish your online portal with the ‘exam’.

Did you find certain chapters difficult? Read it again or repeat the intermediate tests. During your theory exam, you will know how to apply the theory. This way you may find yourself quickly and safely participating in traffic.

After your purchase, you will receive an activation e-mail that is valid for 48 hours. This gives you access to your online learning environment. Good luck!

Note! The online learning portal has a validity of 2 weeks. You can extend for € 24,95 to get 2 extra weeks access.